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Real Estate Contract with Pen and Calculator

Business Loans

  • From £10,000 to £1million 

  • Repaid monthly over a term between 12 – 60 months

  • Used for any working capital purpose

  • Can be repaid early with minimal penalty (subject to lender)

  • Secured Loans - Usually charged against property

  • Unsecured Loans - No security apart from a personal guarantee is usually required

  • A VAT loan is often used to pay the quarterly VAT payment to HMRC. 

  • If a business requires working capital due to cashflow constraints when their VAT is due they might apply for a VAT loan.

  • The lender pays HMRC directly, and the business pays the lender back in instalments over time typically made on a monthly basis over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. 

I need some working capital, am I eligible?

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